Master Lock Permit Control Station

May 8, 2018
Master Lock Permit Control Station

The Permit Control Station by Master Lock is a combined group lockout and permit documentation station that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of group lockout. Combining a Permit Display Case with a Wall Mount Group Lock Box, the Permit Control Station provides a single location to display and protect essential paperwork and padlocks for group lockout.

The modular design allows companies to configure the Permit Control Station to meet their specific group lockout needs. Customers can purchase the full Permit Control Station or the Permit Display Case and Wall Mount Group Lock Box separately.

At the point of lockout, the Permit Control Station improves efficiency by minimizing movement of equipment and personnel throughout the facility by providing a single location to store equipment locks, secure keys and display reference documents – all where the work is being done.

In a centralized control room setting, the Permit Control Station can improve and streamline communication for permit-to-work jobs by allowing employees to access information pertaining to the safe work environment while operations and maintenance personnel can view lockout activity taking place at any given time. The wWall Mount Group Lock Box’s removable lock caddy helps transport up to 12 equipment locks to energy isolation points.

Both the Permit Display Case and Wall Mount Group Lock Box feature impact-resistant polycarbonate windows, allowing workers to easily view permits, procedures and padlocks. The Wall Mount Group Lock Box’s removeable key cup with window offers visibility to secured keys during lockout and easy retrieval of keys after padlocks are removed. The lock box’s 12 numbered and flanged lock holes provide easy identification and application of locks.

Designed to withstand the toughest environments, the Permit Control Station is made from 430-grade stainless steel for durability and maximum corrosion resistance. The Permit Display Case also features a carrying handle for easy portability when not wall mounted.

The Permit Display Case features a tension clip that holds multi-page permits or procedures securely in place while the closed-cell rubber gasket protects paperwork from water damage.