IndeeLift human floor lift

June 5, 2019
IndeeLift human floor lift

IndeeLift has introduced a new human floor lift for emergency medical services. The HFL-500-E has a compact, portable design that is specific for ambulances and smaller EMS units. Built to improve EMS worker efficiency, this tool addresses the growing problem of staff injuries related to patient lifting and transporting. It makes fall recovery safe and easy for those who fall and eliminates lift-related injuries to those who help, the manufacturer says.

The HFL-500-E product weighs 50 pounds, lifts up to 500 pounds, folds to 8 inches by 20 inches and is stowable on all EMS vehicles.

The lift has a stainless steel seat. Its powder-coated heavy-duty construction ensure years of service. The unit comes with a lithium-ion battery system. Additional battery packs are available, allowing for fully charged "hot spares."

HFL-500-E meets the rigorous requirements of public emergency services agencies. Its simple, easy-to-use mechanics allow the safe lifting and transport of challenging patients. Workers can lift a mobile or immobile patient from the ground to stand or to transfer to a wheelchair or gurney.