IHSA’s updated Safety Talks Manual

April 28, 2014
IHSA’s updated  Safety Talks Manual
IHSA’s Safety Talks Manual covers a wide variety of safety topics for its members. Now it features many new safety talks relevant to IHSA’s wider membership. By presenting the information in a concise and easily digestible format, users can prevent an injury or save a life in just five minutes, says IHSA. It includes 27 new safety talks as well as a new introduction that stresses the importance of creating a job safety analysis (JSA) for tasks performed on site. The new safety talks include: head protection; asbestos; electrical contact (roofing); skin hazards; needlestick and sharp object injuries; safe setup of heavy equipment; dry ice blasting; working on stockpiles; lead-based paint; grinding concrete; and working around bird and bat droppings.