Fitness for duty screener

March 19, 2019
Fitness for duty screener

SafetyScan Technologies is pleased to introduce the MFP 100 Impairment Screener. The system is designed to assist companies and organizations in managing increased workplace risk from changing marijuana laws.

Unlike traditional alcohol and drug testing, which tends to look back in time, the SafetyScan MFP 100 Impairment Screener tests for psychomotor impairment in real time and identifies actual impairment now. By design, the system is respectful of worker privacy, says the manufacturer.

The SafetyScan MFP 100 is a true fitness for duty testing system in that any psychomotor impairment is identified, whether from alcohol, drugs (legal, illegal, prescription or over the counter), and additionally cognitive fatigue.

“SafetyScan Technologies believes that any kind of impairment is dangerous and accurately screening for it is the first step in improving work site safety in a changing world,” said Randal Roberts, president and CEO. “We feel our SafetyScan fitness for duty screener strikes the right balance between giving companies and organizations enhanced tools to ensure their workplace is safe while at the same time respecting worker privacy.”