WorkPose app

February 14, 2017
ergonomics app

The WorkPose app by Ergonomic Connection and Ergolution is designed to help people get rid of pain at work. This app guides the user step-by-step through the process to adjust the position of a desk and computer to help eliminate back, arm, shoulder and hand pain. This personalized, self-guided program promotes fitness, health, posture, work breaks and movement at a desk. After answering a series of questions, users receive custom recommendations and product suggestions that will minimize discomfort. In the Solutions to Body Discomfort section, users just press on the body part where they are experiencing pain and detailed recommendations appear. Users can also have a bit of fun and put a picture of themselves on the model used in the app. Premium purchased features are available, including 60-second stretching and exercise videos and a custom remote ergonomic assessment.

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