Screw extractors

November 11, 2013
Screw extractors
KNIPEX Tools has introduced a new, extensive line of double-edged bolt and screw extractors. The Rennsteig double-edged bolt extractors represent a new generation of tools for easily removing damaged screws and bolts. The key feature of the new extractors is four, double-edged cutting and gripping edges that equal eight points of contact. Designed for both left- and right-hand threaded screws, the extractor’s cutting edges provide non-slip engagement allowing users to remove the toughest, frozen bolts, says KNIPEX. The new extractors feature a center point so no additional tools are required to mark the center point for the drill hole. Along with eight points of contact, the high-alloy, German chrome vanadium steel extractors feature a hexagonal driving flat that provides optimum torque and a 58 per cent larger size for a better wrench grip compared to square-head styles, according to KNIPEX.

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