Roller mouse

October 15, 2013
Roller mouse
The RollerMouse Re:d from Contour Design is the latest member of the RollerMouse family of central pointing devices. It has the most significant changes made to the RollerMouse design so far: sleek aluminum housing that is solid and sturdy; a newly redesigned rollerbar with added thickness and texture; and a completely different tracking technology from that used in previous models, according to the manufacturer. The new model eliminates overreaching for a traditional mouse, relieving neck, shoulder and elbow pain. It also prevents static grip of the mouse. The RollerMouse Re:d is controlled with an open relaxed hand and slightly curled fingers, with no possibility of clutching or holding the device to effect cursor control. Fingertips roll the thick rollerbar both up and down and from side to side simultaneously to navigate the cursor over the entire screen, with very little friction or resistance. The elimination of flexing your fingers to grip the mouse avoids compression through the carpal tunnel. The RollerMouse also boasts ambidextrous cursor control. By centrally locating the mouse buttons beneath the keyboard home keys, mouse control is equidistant from either hand.


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