Portable workstation

April 5, 2012
Portable workstation
For efficient inventory management and other tasks in warehouses, distribution centers and other retail/manufacturing facilities, the PC Series Mobile Powered Workstation from Newcastle Systems has on-board power to run a computer, a printer and other devices simultaneously. It also includes a generous shelf space for products and other items, the company said. With 6-inch rubber swivel casters and no cord trailing behind, a PC Series Workstation can be easily rolled and positioned for optimal productivity. The casters can be locked for stability once the workstation is in place.  All models have a load capacity of 500 lbw. The unit’s rechargeable battery offers integrated, seamless power for up to 12 hours of normal use. Carts are available with 30-inch or 48-inch deep shelves and five different battery/inverter/charger packages. Accessories include an additional shelf, drawers (including a keyboard drawer), a laptop holder, a slide-out printer shelf with a 60-lb. capacity, a CPU holder, two types of flat-screen holders and a barcode-scanner holder. All can be added in seconds and easily adjusted to suit the operator’s height and needs. Typical applications for PC Series Mobile Powered Workstation include recording of inventory in real time, printing a label as each product is handled, with access to WMS, ERP and automated data collection. In a receiving department, inbound products can be inspected, labeled and rerouted at the same workstation, eliminating unnecessary foot travel and paperwork, the company said.

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