Honeycomb knee pad

January 17, 2017
Honeycomb knee pad

Swenco of Waterloo, Ont., and Redbacks Cushioning of the United Kingdom have co-branded Redbacks knee pads with Swenco’s Steel-Flex label in North America. Redbacks builds the knee pads on a flexible, honeycombed structure instead of foam. The technology was created after five years of research and scientific testing. The honeycomb holds a “leaf-spring” membrane that Redbacks developed to dissipate pressure, add comfort and reduce the risk of long-term harm to the knee joint. Knees are prone to injury from sudden strains as well as stress over time. Hospitals perform almost 800,000 knee-replacement procedures per year in North America, says Swenco. Waterproof, machine-washable and built for comfort, Redbacks knee pads come in two formats: one that straps over the knee and one that slips into knee pockets of specially designed workwear.



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