Evacuation chair

January 9, 2017
Evacuation chair
The Rescue 7 Evacusafe Tracked Evacuation Chair is designed to enable the safe and comfortable evacuation of mobility impaired people in the event of an emergency, such as fire. The chair is designed for ease-of-use on stairways, fire escapes and flat surfaces. Suitable for single person operation, it is lightweight (30 pounds) yet incredibly strong, allowing the transportation of a person up to 350 pounds. The tracks create friction, which acts as a break to slow the descent and allows for smooth, controlled operation. The chair can also be used as a temporary wheelchair once on flat ground. With a supportive flat seat, armrests and padded headrest, the chair is comfortable for extended periods. The chair folds flat and can be stored on a wall with supplied hooks, cover and wall sign. Other features include four wheels for optimum manoeuvrability, foot brake and quick release three-point safety harness. 

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