June 5, 2017
Three years ago, a small team of dedicated and passionate ergonomic consultants and product developers from several companies in Mississauga, Ont. and Brampton, Ont. began to design a computer chair. It was specifically designed for prolonged hours of computer use and to remove any pain and discomfort and eliminate any risk of work related injuries.

The chair they developed is the Back-Optimizer by Ergo Seating It is equipped with two independent and fully adjustable supports. The lower support one is to stabilize the pelvis and prevent it from rotating backwards, preventing slouching. If the pelvis is properly supported and stabilized, it always stays in a straight up position as if we were standing. This vertical orientation of the pelvis perfectly preserves the natural “S” shape of the spine, practically eliminating any risk of lower back pains or other disorders related to inefficient chair support.                                                                              

The thoracic support stabilizes the upper body and helps maintaining a proper shape of the rib cage as well as the alignment of neck and shoulders. It also helps to keep the head in an upright position. This particular support promotes proper breathing and effectively prevents round shoulders. The thoracic support is designed to be placed 1 to 2 inches underneath the shoulder blades so the computer user’s arms, shoulders and the shoulder blades never touch the back of the chair during computer work. This gives the computer user more freedom for arms’ movement. It literally encourages correct, completely strain-free posture. Sitting on this chair and maintaining correct posture doesn’t take any effort. If this chair is properly adjusted, it supports the user extremely well. The user can stay in this healthy, strain-free and comfortable position for long periods of time.

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