Fabric curtain wall

September 13, 2014
Fabric curtain wall
Zoneworks SCL Curtail Walls by Rite-Hite can be used to form a highly flexible and adaptable fabric wall system that makes it easy to contain air borne contaminants such as dust, smoke or fumes. The fabric wall — made of durable vinyl, a fire-retardant fabric that meets NFPA-701 standards — can also improve air quality by dividing up the interior space of industrial facilities.

The curtains form a very effective physical barrier to block transfer of particles from space to space. Because they can reduce the volume of the space to be exhausted, smaller fans and less total air movement are required. The lower air velocity through filter media increases the effective particle separation of the device and reduces the frequency for filter change out or cleaning.

The non-insulated curtain walls suspend easily from ceiling joists or roof decks, allowing users to quickly and easily create new environmental zones which can be used to better meet the needs of the operation. The easy construction means there is no need for costly and time-consuming projects like building permanent walls or rigid panelized systems. The curtain is available as a stationary wall or sliding system. The sliding system moves easily along a galvanized track and hanger configuration that incorporated the use of two-wheel trolleys. The flexible fabric of the walls is ideal for any application where permanent load-bearing walls are not needed or are too costly.

The wall systems are custom engineered to ensure proper fit around corners and obstructions. Industry specialists from Rite-Hite provide design consultation and complete drawings, as well as turnkey project support, including installation co-ordination.


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