Adapter base system

February 4, 2016
Adapter base system
MSA's Adapter Base System is a new and versatile addition to the company's line of MSA/XTIRPA confined space entry equipment. Adapter base systems are permanently mounted to existing structures for work areas that require regular setup and tear-down. A large selection of adapter bases are used in conjunction with the MSA/XTIRPA universal davit arm for vertical entry into confined spaces. Universal mast and davit arm offer fall protection and retrieval in confined spaces using the MSA Workman Rescuer & Winch. 
The MSA/XTIRPA Adapter Base System is suitable for use in multiple work applications such as construction, general industries, utilitie, and oil and gas. Available base system versions include:
•adapter base 24-inch reach
•adapter base 30-inch to 48-inch reach
•adapter base, adjustable wall adapter.

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