Heavy-duty spill kit

September 13, 2014
Heavy-duty spill kit
New emergency spill kit Oil Eater is an all-in-one professional grade spill kit designed to contain and clean up hazardous material spills in manufacturing plants, as required by OSHA and EPA.

The kits are available in 65-gallon and 95-gallon overpacks, and each handle the corresponding volume of liquid. Each kit includes a 5-gallion bucket of Oil Eater original cleaner-degreaser for cleaning surfaces after absorption of a spill. The Oil Eater Original cleaner-degreaser is eco-friendly. It is water-based, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and biodegradable.

The kit also contains absorbent pads, pillows, universal snakes, booms, protective gloves, oil-resistant high temperature disposal bags and an emergency response instruction guide.


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