Brady spill kits

May 28, 2014
Brady spill kits
Brady SPC’s spill kits help workers respond quickly to a spill. The 65-gallon wheeled spill kit offers all the highly-absorbent materials needed to tackle oil, chemical or universal spills — all in a sturdy and secure container. The trash-bin style also allows for easy portability and reusability, and keeps the kit at an economical price point. With the capacity to absorb 63 gallons, the kit is ideal for large spills or a variety of smaller spills throughout a facility. It contains 100 pads, seven SOCs, seven pillows, five disposable bags, one pair of goggles, one pair of nitrile gloves and one emergency response guide book. With the absorbents all in one place, the worker is ready to respond to spills of any size quickly and efficiently, says the manufacturer. The kits are available in oil only, chemical and universal absorbent options.  


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