Scaffold caster wheels

July 7, 2014
Scaffold caster wheels
The Revvo Caster Company announces the introduction of its new SJE Series swivel casters available with "Nythane" wheels standard, or solid nylon and rubber-tire wheels on special order.

Featuring zero offset for added stability and safety, SJE Series casters are designed for building and refitting scaffolds. They conform to DIN 4422: HD 1004: 1992 and BS 1139: part 3: 1994, according to Revvo Caster.

SJE Series casters are available in three sizes, including 125 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm wheel diameters. Rubber tire wheels have a load capacity of 500kg for 125 mm models and 820 kg for 150 mm and 200 mm models. Nylon wheels have a load capacity of 820 kg for both 150 mm and 200 mm models. Nythane wheels have a load capacity of 600 kg for 125 mm and 150 mm models and 820 kg for 200 mm models.

The company states that for the SJE scaffold casters, rubber-tire wheels are moulded to cast-iron centres to withstand rough service conditions, solid nylon wheels feature a crowned tread for ease of movement, and Nythane wheels combine a polyurethane tire with a nylon centre for greater durability.

All SJE scaffold casters have a swivel radius of 165mm and tread widths from 40 mm to 55 mm depending on wheel size and material. Overall caster heights are 160 mm for the 125 mm diameter models, 190 mm for the 150 mm diameter models and 240 mm for the 200 mm diameter models. Revvo states that each model is available with an optional single-pedal foot brake or double-pedal foot brake, and accessories include a 50 mm by 100 mm long socket fitting and 63 mm by 50 mm wide long plug fitting.