Bandit headlamp

March 2, 2017
safety head lamp

Streamlight has introduced the Bandit USB Headlamp, an ultra-lightweight, compact, hands-free area light that floods an area with light while weighing only slightly more than an ounce.  The new light offers leading-edge LED technology and USB rechargeability for extreme brightness and long run times. The comfortable, low-profile headlamp delivers amazing brightness for it size, offering 180 lumens on high, and a run time of up to 9.5 hours on low.  It also provides a steady, even beam at all times, which is useful when walking or running.  A large top button allows for easy actuation and switching between the light’s high, low and flash modes.

The new headlamp also offers a handy snap-in hat clip adaptor to attach it to the brim of a baseball cap, or to adjust it further downward when using the headband. The Bandit uses a 450 mAh lithium polymer battery, sealed within the unit for service-free operation. It is rechargeable via a micro USB charging port. Red and green LED lights indicate battery charging status; charge time is approximately 2.5 hours depending on the USB charging source.  A rubber cover keeps the USB port free of dust and debris.

Featuring a polycarbonate body and lens, the Bandit weighs just 1.3 ounces with the attached headband (1.4 ounces with the hat clip adaptor) and measures 2.7 inches in length. The light is IPX4 rated for weather resistance and is impact resistance-tested to two meters. The headlamp is available in safety yellow and black.

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