Powered lift hand truck

April 28, 2016
Powered lift hand truck
The new LNB-2 from Lift’n Buddy is the next generation in powered elevating two-wheel hand trucks. It combines the vertical lifting capabilities of a small powered stacker with the convenience, versatility, simplicity and maneuverability of a conventional two-wheel hand truck. At the touch of a button, the LNB-2’s powered, adjustable height platform positions loads at a comfortable height to eliminate bending and stretching when loading, unloading or moving items from one level to another. Built on a lightweight durable aluminum frame with powder coat paint finish, the LNB-2 is extremely maneuverable and can lift loads of 200 pounds up to 37 inches. LNB-2 can be used to transfer loads to shelves, workbenches, conveyors, processing equipment, delivery trucks and customer vehicles in a wide range of facilities, including manufacturing, warehousing, retail, office, medical, hospitality, commercial bakeries and repair and rental shops.


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