PalletPal Walkie

June 10, 2015
PalletPal Walkie
Southworth Products introduces the PalletPal Walkie to make order picking faster, safer and easier. The product mounts to any standard electric walkie or walkie/rider pallet truck. The walkie uses a calibrated spring mechanist to automatically adjust the height of a pallet load while boxes are added and removed. The working height level allows for utmost convenience for workers to load and offload various items with no bending, stretching or awkward posturing required. The reinforced baseframe has wide flared openings at the end of each fork channel in order to receive forks from all standard electric walkies.  Once the items are loaded onto the pallet truck no further adjustments or modifications are needed, the walkie is ready for use. The platform features an anti-slip surface and accepts any type of pallet or skid, including half-pallets. Due to the non-skid base treads the worker may step up close to the load minimizing the need to reach.

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