Material handling made easy

March 22, 2010
Material handling made easy
The AirOlift, from AirOlift Lifting Systems, is an air-powered, dual-rod, pneumatic cylinder-manipulating device for mechanical/vacuum devices with capacities of 30 to 1,200 lbs. AirOlift systems are powered by high pressure air from a standard shop airline rather than electricity, and incorporate load-sensors that prevent the operator from releasing any material or object until its weight is fully supported elsewhere. AirOlift is ergonomically designed for continuous operation all day without back, neck or hand strain, the company said. The AirOlift system improves overall productivity by minimizing operator fatigue and accidental injury exposure. AirOlift is built primarily of stainless steel and Delrin, an engineering plastic used for its light weight, low-friction and wear-resistance characteristics.

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