October 7, 2015
Presto Lifts announces the expansion of the LiftStik line of lifter transporters. The Model PLS53-150 lift is compact and manoeuvrable, which makes it ideal for stockrooms, assembly areas, laboratories, offices, retail stores, food manufacturing and pharmaceutical facilities. The mast-style configuration of the LiftStik places the platform load directly over the four wheels to provide maximum stability. Operators can position loads at heights between 4.6 inches to 53 inches. Lift controls can be found on the push/steer handle. Lift speed rate is 4.75 inches per second. The lift mechanism is durable with steel reinforced cam belt. It does not have hydraulics, so messy fluid leaks won’t be an issue. There are two platform options available including wood laminate and plastic. With either platform the lifting capacity is 150 pounds at a 15.75 inches load centre. A 24 volt 7.2 Ah battery is used to supply power to the lift mechanist, with an A115 volt external charger included.

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