Lift for low-level tasks

May 10, 2017
lift assist

JLG Industries’ EcoLift series gives operators the confidence to tackle low-level tasks, like changing light bulbs, hanging décor or accessing HVAC ductwork. It provides a safe and more efficient alternative to ladders and scaffolding, says the manufacturer. The JLG EcoLift is virtually maintenance-free, thanks to a patented stored power lift/lower system that requires no batteries, hydraulics, oils or controls. In addition, they are easy to operate, environmentally friendly and provide working heights of 10 feet 11 inches (EcoLift 50) and 13 feet 2 inches (EcoLift 70) by simply turning a handle to move the platform up or down. The lifts’ lightweight design makes them easy to push around a job site. Both models are rated for 330-pound capacity, leaving room for materials and tools to boost productivity. And, because there are no hydraulics or motors involved, the eco-friendly lifts are virtually silent, making them a preferred piece of equipment for finish work on construction sites or even as maintenance access equipment in schools, hospitals, and other institutions.

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