June 27, 2016

StrongArm’s V22 ErgoSkeleton is a lift assist device designed to help reduce certain factors that have been associated with lumbar back pain. It reduces strain on the lower back, which can help reduce lower back injuries, says the manufacturer. It reduces arm fatigue and transfers the load from the upper body to the legs. The device is designed to automatically remind users to follow lifting guidelines in every lift to promote pivoting, knee bending and better body mechanics. The ergonomically designed exoskeleton has the potential to deliver a significant return on investment through injury risk reduction, says 3M, which distributes the product. The founders of StrongArm created the company after seeing the gruelling effect of manual labour on their own family members. They saw that their fathers were similar to sports athletes — they were expected to perform their job with strength, agility and endurance. Day after day, they watched their fathers come home injured and tired after strenuous workdays because they didn't have the equipment they needed. As a result, they decided to put forth the same level of design intent and research as you would find in professional sporting equipment and created safety equipment for industrial workers.

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