Ventis Pro updated

March 2, 2017
Industrial Scientific Ventis Pro

Industrial Scientific has released the firmware version 2.1 for Ventis Pro Series Multi-Gas Monitors, which offers support for additional sensor and language options. Ventis Pro Series monitors, first introduced in April 2016, are small, highly configurable instruments offering LENS Wireless and the industry’s only Guaranteed for Life warranty. New sensors for the Ventis Pro Series include a dual-range methane IR sensor, a phosphine sensor and a long-life oxygen sensor. The dual-range methane IR sensor is ideal for use in inert atmospheres and for seal checks, leak detection, and when high concentrations of gas would otherwise damage a catalytic bead LEL sensor. The sensor range is zero to 100 per cent volume methane with 0.01 per cent resolution from zero to five per cent volume and 0.1 per cent resolution from five to 100 per cent volume. The phosphine sensor is commonly required for agricultural and food and beverage industry applications. The long-life oxygen sensor is suitable for most industries and is designed to perform in the field for three to five years. With firmware version 2.1, Ventis Pro Series instruments are now accessible for more global users with the addition of Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Polish documentation and instrument interfaces. The Ventis Pro also supports English, French, Spanish and German.

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