Tetra gas monitor

February 17, 2015
Tetra gas monitor
CEA Instruments has introduced Tetra, a new portable multi-gas monitor. Tetra monitors from one to four gases with a single button that controls all functions. A backlit "at-a-glance" display provides simultaneous viewing of all gas readings, alarm conditions and battery life. Tetra units are very rugged despite their compact size and low weight of around 1 pound. The shatterproof plastic housing is over-moulded with rubber and incorporates a flexible internal architecture to resist shock and vibration. The unit is water and dust resistant to IP65, floats in water and is UL, CSA and ATEX approved for use in hazardous areas. Tetra gives rapid and effective warnings of the presence of gas when hazardous levels are detected. The user is alerted by extremely bright blue and red LED beacons and a powerful 90 dBA alarm. Alarm tones are adjustable to ensure easy discrimination from noisy machinery. An integral vibrating alarm is also a standard feature. Tetra is easily customized for different applications with intelligent, user-changeable sensor modules that are pre-calibrated for a wide range of gases to allow "plug and play" operation. Sensors are available for oxygen, flammable gas and a full range of toxic gases, including all hazards commonly encountered in confined spaces. Two versions of the instrument are available including a rechargeable unit using lithium-ion batteries for 12 hours' operation from one charge, and a version powered by three conventional AA alkaline batteries. For testing confined spaces prior to entry, Tetra can be specified with an optional built-in electric sampling pump or used with a separate manual aspirator.


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