Multi-gas monitor

July 10, 2014
Multi-gas monitor
CEA Instruments has launched the improved Triple Plus + IR. The portable unit now features a better and larger display, Windows software and extreme durability. It offers UL, CSA and other approvals for use in hazardous areas, is water- and dust-resistant to IP65 and floats if falls into water. With a durable case and internal construction, the unit resists shocks and vibrations and won’t break when dropped.

A backlit display provides simultaneous viewing of gas readings and gives rapid warning of gas when hazardous levels are detected. Intelligent, user-changeable sensor modules — pre-calibrated for a wide range of gases to allow “plug-and-play” operation — provide easy customization for different applications, CEA Instruments says. Sensors are available for oxygen, flammable gas and full range of toxic gases, including hazards commonly encountered in confined spaces.

For testing confined spaces before entry, the unit can be specified with an optional, built-in electric sampling pump or used with a separate manual aspirator. A data-logger stores information, and the software provides access to this data, plus versatile user configurations via computer.



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