Eyewash and skin rinse

July 10, 2014
Eyewash and skin rinse
Neutraliser by A-Med is a multi-purpose eyewash and skin-rinse. It is licensed by Health Canada and contains PHMB, which kills germs on contact in second-degree burns, and EDTA, which has a binding (chelating) effect on all acids (HF, HCI) or alkali (metals and minerals), says A-Med. It thus provides a solution for all risks: air pollution or caustic materials.

The bottle is slim for a single-hand grip, freeing the other hand to open the eye and rinse under the eyelid. And with its one-quarter twist and pour tab, the user doesn’t waste time finding the tear piece to remove a security band before unscrewing a cap and also has an effective flush in about three seconds without risk of re-circulating contaminated rinse from an eye cup. It is available in Dentec chemical-wound care and burn-care kits, fanny packs, hip holster for mobile personnel and bottle pod brackets.



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