Cederroth first-aid station

July 10, 2014
Cederroth first-aid station
The Cederroth First Aid Station with Salvequick Dispenser, available through Safecross First Aid, offers an emergency eyewash station de-signed to allow the user to help out as quickly as possible. The station has space for two bottles, which open automatically when they are twisted out of their brackets. The bottles are designed to allow the user to rinse their eye with a good flow of liquid for about 1.5 minutes.

A transparent, hygienic door with rubber edges protects the bottles against dust and dirt, so the station can be installed even in the toughest environments. Additionally, Cederroth Eye Wash works to neutralize the eye’s pH value — it has a neutralizing effect on alkali or acid splashes, giving a quicker result than a normal sodium chloride solution. The effect is generally stronger on alkalis than acids. Shelf-life is as long as 4.5 years.

The eyewash station has additional space for your choice of products; for example, blood stoppers, protective glasses or gloves.



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