Acoustic curtain walls

October 4, 2017
sound curtain

Zoneworks SZ Acoustic Curtain Walls can reduce noise levels inside buildings by up to 22 to 25 decibels, making a space approximately four times quieter than it would be without them (depending on existing noise frequency levels). The modular and highly flexible walls can be designed to custom-fit nearly any existing space — without having to invest in permanent walls that would otherwise be needed to address bothersome and potentially harmful noise levels.

SZ Acoustic Curtain Walls feature panels layered with sound-absorbing materials. The sound-dampening, modular panels connect securely with Velcro and can be easily reconfigured. The walls are ideal for use in factories, machine shops, industrial operations, classrooms, meeting rooms and call centers. According to Zoneworks, SZ Acoustic Curtain Walls are often used to enclose or isolate noisy equipment, or loud operations; partition areas in multi-use facilities for better sound control; protect employee comfort, which in turn, boosts productivity; and create quiet work areas for facility occupants.

SZ Acoustic Curtain Walls can be designed as stationary walls or units that easily slide open and closed. The walls are available in a wide selection of fabric colours. Zoneworks’ industry specialists provide on-site design consultation and complete drawings, as well as turnkey project support, including installation coordination.