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Ontario launches safety blitz at industrial workplaces

By COS Staff

The Ontario government has launched a province-wide safety blitz on hazards that could lead to crushing and other injuries at industrial workplaces.

Starting Nov. 3 and running through Dec. 14, the Ontario Ministry of Labour is sending inspectors to various industrial sector workplaces, including wood and metal fabrication, chemical and plastics, manufacturing and automotive plants.

“Our top priority is worker safety in Ontario. Blitzes such as this one ensure we continue to do what we can to prevent injuries and deaths so men and women get home safely to their families each and every night,” said Minister of Labour Kevin Flynn in a press release.

The inspectors being sent out are looking for appropriate action by employers when it comes to assessing — and addressing — possible hazards. The hazards could include machines that are not properly guarded, locked out or blocked.

Inspectors will also be checking that:

• workplaces have a strong internal responsibility system in place that promotes compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its regulations

• employers are working to prevent awkward postures and repetitive motions that could lead to musculoskeletal disorders involving injuries and disorders of the muscles, tendons, nerves, joints and spinal discs.

• workers are protected from exposure to chemicals such as metalworking fluids and degreasing solvents that could cause occupational disease.

The goverment is conducting the safety blitz in an effort to show a continued commitment to workplace health and safety through its Safe at Work Ontario enforcement initiative.

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