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CCOHS launches new online health and safety management service

By COS staff

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) has developed a new online occupational health and safety management service, OSH Wise, designed to help organizations establish, maintain and improve their health and safety programs while meeting their legislative responsibilities.

The OSH Wise management service can help small- to medium-sized organizations establish a health and safety program, as well as to adopt a continual improvement process to meet their health and safety responsibilities and regulatory requirements. The tool can also assist organizations in employee engagement, staying compliant, manage incident reporting and help to eliminate or reduce health and safety risks.

“The best way for an organization to keep its employees safe at work is to have a well-developed health and safety program, and ensure that program is properly communicated, implemented and improved on an ongoing basis. That’s where OSH Wise can help,” said Chris Moore, manager training and education at CCOHS in Hamilton. “We wanted to encourage organizations to think broadly about health and safety, and make it an integrated part of the overall management of the organization."

OSH Wise provides a web-based framework that promotes a systematic approach to integrating the health and safety of workers into the everyday management of the business.

Included in the web-based management service are single seats for six e-courses including:

• Developing an Occupational Health and Safety Program

• Hazard Identification, Assessment and Control

• Accident Investigation

• Workplace Inspections

• Health & Safety Committees

• Due Diligence in Occupational Health and Safety.

OSH Wise also includes CCOHS’ publications Implementing an Occupational Health and Safety Program and Job Safety Analysis Made Simple in PDF versions, and five hours of technical support.

The program will provide users with guidance and information and is enriched with audits, tools, checklists, training and expertise from the comprehensive CCOHS knowledge base.

More information about OSH Wise is available on the CCOHS web site at [a href="" target="_blank"]


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