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Readers respond to digital edition!

By COS Staff

The readers have spoken — and the COS digital edition is a big hit!

Readers from coast to coast (and overseas) and from a wide range of industries are letting us know how much they appreciate our efforts to keep them informed about health and safety news and products.

Please let us know what you think and we'll publish your letters too! Just send an email to editor Todd Phillips at

The Readers Speak

 “The digital version of COS is an excellent use of technology. While everyone else is still struggling to convert documents to PDF, you’ve gone miles beyond the readers’ expectations. Brilliant! I love it. What you’re doing is in line with what tech companies do. I think this is a big deal for a publication with a more industrial readership.”
—Shannon Nicholson  
Technical Support Specialist
Hydro Ottawa  Limited
Safety, Environment and Training

“The new digital edition is really remarkable. I think it’s the way to understand the use of technology: no space limitations, in your hand zoom tools — I love it. Thanks for the efforts.”
— Claudio Piga  
Environment, Safety and Health Manager
ITT Flygt Canada

“Great job, really slick.”

—Maureen Moffat
General Motors, St. Catharines Powertrain
Health and Safety

 “I like it very much!”

—Conrad Turner  

Vice President, Human Resources &  Administration

Tannis Food Distributors

Ottawa, Ont.

“Great, very easy to use. I forwarded your digital edition to other disciplines within Hydro One and got great responses back.”

—Robert Tweedy  

HydroOne, Training  Specialist

Work Methods & Training

“Iwould like to congratulate you and the rest of the staff of COSmagazine for choosing an extremely usable and enjoyable on-line formatfor the magazine. As an environmentally conscious person andorganization we are always looking for usable means to keep as much ofour periodicals in soft copy. The format used with the digital editionof COS magazine has some very similar impacts of using a hard copymagazine. I like the page flipping and zoom-in/zoom-out functionalityquite a lot. Keep up the progressive nature of the magazine, both incontent and format.”

 —Ken Page, CRSP

Weston International

Canadian Operations

Calgary, AB   

“Firstoff, well done! Congratulations and thank you. I asked for this 4 or 5years ago when on faculty at the BCIT OH&S program so it is apleasure to see. Faculty, teachers, students, and practitioners nowhave ready access to a great resource. It is especially handy for thoseof us living and working internationally. This provides a valuableservice for the profession and should increase the rates you are ableto charge for advertising and the volume of same. The only suggestion Ihave at present is to index all of the text to make the archivessearchable. For example, searching for “SawStop” should indicate in thesearch results the article found in your Jan/Feb. 2005 issue, yet itindicates: Total 0 results found. I have no particular interest in nordo I derive benefits, financial or otherwise, from SawStop, it merelyserved as an example.

— Mark Varley   BSc, MSc, Dip.Occ.Hygiene, Dip.Occ.Safety, CRSP

 Abu Dhabi UAE

“The primary reason for my email is to give you my feedback on this new adventure upon which COS has embarked — the digital  edition. To set the stage, I do already receive a number of trade magazines in digital format (Offshore, Safety At Sea International, Maritime Reporter, Maritime Executive Magazine, and others).

They arrive in either HTML or PDF versions (with the ability to download and store the issue, as well as browse online). Your editorial group (if they had anything to do with this approach) and certainly your technical people need to be congratulated on the success of the first edition and the technical quality of the document. It was intuitive, fun to read, and as normally informative as your print edition. It certainly is convenient to be

able to focus on stories of interest (and for old eyes, the ability to up-size the print to follow the story is greatly appreciated.) The ability, once upsized, to arrow or mouse around the enlarged print is a good touch and eliminates frustration of having to constantly enlarge and reduce the window to follow the storyline. The pre-set level of enlargement may end up being a challenge for many readers. Those without gargantuan monitors, they will not be able to read some of the contents as the print in the expansion is sometimes still too small to clearly read. As an example, the list of names of new CRSPs is hard to read, even when expanded. The print image is not “crisp,” even on a 22” widescreen monitor, using a leading edge video card. Thank you for taking the magazine down this new path. I look forward to reading future issues, print OR digital!

— Fred Leafloor, CRSP, CHSC

Professional Member, Canadian Society of Safety Engineering

Regional Vice President, CSSE Atlantic Region

President / Principal Consultant

Safety First Industrial Safety Services

Dartmouth, NS

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