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Safety Excellence NB campaign launched to engage employers

By COS staff

To help engage employers in safety and comply with the new Occupational Health and Safety Act requirements, WorkSafeNB has introduced the Safety Excellence NB campaign. 

“Through Safety Excellence NB, we are providing employers with a series of resources and checklists to help them comply with the OHS act,” said Richard Blais, WorkSafeNB’s director of compliance and regulatory review. “These resources include sample safety policies for workplaces, and guides for the development of health and safety programs and orientation programs for new employees.” 

Workplace inspections by WorkSafeNB’s health and safety officers on some of the new requirements of the OHS act will begin in September 2014. Summarized information and analysis of inspection results will be published on the website as the campaign proceeds. Individual employer results will not be published. 

Employers are encouraged to use the resources and checklists to help prepare for the inspections and demonstrate their own pursuit of excellence in workplace safety. The checklists are available for download on the WorkSafeNB website and can guide employers as they assess their own workplace before an officer’s visit. 

Visit the Safety Excellence NB web page at for more information.

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