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Alberta workplace safety inspection results ‘disappointing,’ says human services minister

By The Canadian Press
Dave Hancock, Alberta Minister of Human Services

Alberta’s human services minister has expressed disappointment over the results of the latest workplace safety inspections conducted by the province’s Occupational Health and Safety department.

Over a one-month period from September to October, the department conducted more than 600 inspections with almost 400 employers. In total, 394 orders were issued, including 83 stop work orders. About one-third of the orders were for a lack of fall protection.

Human Services Minister Dave Hancock says the results are unacceptable. He says it's obvious the province must do a lot more to convince both employers and employees that safety is important.

Hancock says there has to be more pressure put on employers to make sure that work sites are safe. He also notes that employees should know that they have the right to refuse unsafe work.

A lack of fall protection, or a fall protection plan, accounted for 131 orders, about one-third of all orders issued.

Hancock calls on the province to create a culture of workplace health and safety in all Albertans.

He says he wants to assess the impact of all three focused inspection campaigns the province conducted this year.

For the past several months, OHS has carried out a pilot program of evening and weekend inspections, including the recent residential construction campaign.

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