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Newfoundland begins consultations on radiation regulations

Deadline for submissions is June 29
CT scanner

The government of Newfoundland and Labrador is exploring potential changes to the Radiation Health and Safety Act and Regulations and is seeking input from owners, users, sellers and maintainers of equipment that produces ionizing radiation. The legislation governs the inspection, installation, use, maintenance and registration of equipment that is capable of producing ionizing radiation such as x-ray machines and CT scanners.

As part of the process, the provincial government is launching consultations to modernize the legislation which has had only minor amendments since it was proclaimed in 1977.

Any individual or organization who wishes to meet with officials regarding their feedback on the proposed legislative changes should contact the Occupational Health and Safety Division of Service NL. A questionnaire can also be completed online at and anyone wishing to share feedback via email can do so at

The deadline for submissions is June 29.

In February, WorkplaceNL and the Occupational Health and Safety Division of Service NL launched a joint five-year injury prevention strategy entitled Advancing a Strong Safety Culture in Newfoundland and Labrador. One of the commitments in the strategy is a comprehensive review of the Radiation Health and Safety Act and Regulations.

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