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New emergency planning kit introduced for Agricultural Safety Week

By COS staff

SAFE Work Manitoba has developed a new 7-Step Safety and Health Emergency Planning Kit to help farmers prepare for emergency situations. The kit debuts during Agricultural Safety Week which runs from March 9 to 15.

Agricultural Safety Week's theme this year is "Let's Talk About It." A key message in the Emergency Planning Kit is for farmers, family members and workers to talk and practice what to do in an emergency situation.

The kit includes the following worksheets and instructions:

• farm critical information sheet

• family members/workers emergency contact information sheet

• an emergency contact sheet

• in case of emergency sheets

• farm site map

• location of personal protective equipment and emergency clean-up ?supplies sheet

• building an emergency tube.

Placing the information in a central location will provide emergency responders with access to critical details such as the location of emergency equipment, storage of chemicals, fertilizers and fuels, and the location of shut-off valves. Farmers should talk with their local fire departments to advise they have completed the Emergency Planning Kit and inform them where the emergency tube is located. Every second counts when dealing with an emergency, said Safe Work Manitoba.

The kits are available for download at  or request a copy by calling 1-855-957 SAFE (7233) or emailing

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