Event Details

Fatigue Systems Specialist

Start Date: 10/15/2018
End Date: 10/18/2018
Cost: $2495
City: Calgary
Country: Canada
Province/State: Alberta
Event Description: In the first workshop of its kind, students learn how to establish a clearly-defined and measurable in-house Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) as well as how to assess and mitigate fatigue-related risk using scientifically-proven, evidence-based tools and strategies. To receive certification status and FSS Designation, participants will be evaluated during course activities and must submit documentation to demonstrate their knowledge after completion of the course. All participants will be provided with access to WorkSMART’s FSS portal, filled with additional research and support resources.
Event Sponsor(s): http://www.sixsafetysystems.com/page/fatigue-management-training
Contact Person: Mike Harnett
Contact Phone: (604) 379-9124
Email: mharnett@sixsafetysystems.com
Web Address: http://www.sixsafetysystems.com/page/fatigue-management-training