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Slice Cutting Tools: A Safer Cut for Everyone

By TJ Scimone (Slice)
The Slice 10490 Manual Metal-Handle Utility Knife, one of many safer knife options in the Slice line.

The primary objective at Slice® is to make the safest cutting, scraping, and snipping tools available. We also support safer workplaces through our safety blog, where we share resources and educational information about how to keep workers healthy and safe on the job.

With every new tool we develop — and we’re always adding to our line — we start by asking how we can design a version that helps reduce lacerations, punctures, and repetitive strain injuries. These are all common workplace injuries, and they’re all preventable.

We first tackled the heart of the problem by developing the only truly safer blade on the market. Slice’s patent-pending blade design is finger-friendly®—that is, you can touch the blade edge safely. All Slice safety blades are made of 100 percent zirconium oxide, an advanced ceramic that’s extremely hard. Our design, along with the material’s hardness, makes our blades very long-lasting. In fact, they last up to 11 longer than steel.

We’ve built a strong reputation for innovative handle designs that improve ergonomics and keep blade exposure to a minimum. Many of our tools are unique to the Slice line; you won’t find them anywhere else.

None of our cutters and scrapers require any additional tools to change the blade. And every tool works for left- and right-handed users. With some tools, just flip the blade orientation to change the handedness; with others, they’ll work in either hand without making a change. Our tools are appropriate for use in industrial, home, and office settings. They’re durable and tough, as well as safe.

Which Tools Are Right for You?

The Slice line addresses many cutting needs and preferences. The right tools for you are the ones that perform the tasks you need to accomplish, meet the safety standards of the environment you’re working in, and feature the shape, style, and size you like to work with.

Most of our tools feature handles made of reinforced nylon, a durable, lightweight material. But some customers prefer a metal handle, so we make those, too. We offer blade depths ranging from less than a millimeter (with our unique micro-ceramic blades) to up to three inches (with our industrial knives) because we know customers need to cut materials of many different thicknesses. It also makes sense, from a safety standpoint, to expose only the depth of blade you need to make the cut, and no more.

Do your workers love a folding knife? Or do they prefer a more traditional-looking utility knife? We make both. In addition, some of our replaceable-blade knives are compatible with optional serrated blades for jobs that require a sawing motion.

Let’s have a look at which Slice safety knife will be your next favorite.

Colour-Coded Designs

All of the Slice tools highlighted below come in two versions, unless otherwise noted: manual- and auto-retractable. The retraction method is indicated by the tool’s slider color. Tools with an orange slider feature manual retraction, and those a green slider feature spring-loaded automatic retraction.

Slice Utility Knives: Tools for Many Uses

Utility is right in the name: utility knives are made to be general-use multipurpose tools. Sometimes they go by others names, depending on what people use them for: pen knife, carpet knife, electrician’s knife, etc. These knives are tough and durable.

Slice makes reinforced-nylon-handle utility knives as well as metal-handle utility knives. Within the reinforced nylon-handle line, an additional retraction option is available: the 10558 Smart-Retracting Utility Knife—indicated by a blue slider. This tool offers the utmost in retraction safety: like other retractable knives, to expose the blade, the user engages the slider. Unlike auto-retraction, the blade must also remain in contact with the material you’re cutting. That is, the blade will retract if there’s no pressure on it, even if the slider is engaged.

For those who need a tool that can saw through material, our metal-handled utility knives are compatible with serrated replacement blades.

Some workers have a strong preference for folding knives, so we make the stylish Slice 10562 Folding Utility Knife. This metal-handle tool features a belt clip for easy portability, and a useful finger loop at the hinge.

Slice Industrial Knives: Our Long-Blade Tools

The Slice 10559 Manual Industrial Knife

Slice industrial knives give you up to 3 inches of blade depth, so they’re your go-to for jobs that require you to cut thick, soft materials like fiberglass insulation or foam. These tools are compatible with an optional serrated blade for materials you need to saw through.

Easy-Handling Pen Cutters

The shape and size of these popular cutting tools feel familiar because they’re shaped like a thick pen. Their smaller, thinner profile makes the pen cutters easy to store in a pocket or a desktop pen cup. This tool also handles like a pen, so using it is second nature, and it’s maneuverable and easy to get into tight or narrow spots.

Slice Mini Cutters: A Versatile Favorite

The Slice 10514 Auto-Retractable Mini Cutter

These cutters are small and handy. The mini cutters feature the same blade that fits in our larger J-hook box cutters, but it’s housed in a palm-sized body. So it’s got the power of a larger tool combined with the portability of a small tool. There’s a magnet and a lanyard hole designed into the body of the tool for multiple storage options. And it fits nicely into pockets as well as backpacks and shoulder bags. Keep this cutter on hand for opening boxes, envelopes, and even difficult-to-deal-with clamshell packaging.

The Classic, Now Safer, Carton Cutter

The carton cutter, with its thin profile and convenient small size, is a long-time favorite for those who need to make cuts in thinner materials like box board and packing tape, particularly in retail and shipping and receiving environments. The Slice version of this tool features a metal body and our finger-friendly blade: it’s the tool you know and love, only safer. We currently make the Slice 10585 Manual Carton Cutter; an auto-retractable model is coming soon.

Slice Original Box Cutters

The Slice 10400 Manual Box Cutter

The curved shape of our original box cutters turns heads. It also saves hands and forearms. This unique ergonomic design allows a comfortable grip and easy cutting motion: the tools performs like an extension of your body. The front and back of the handle sit flat on the material you’re cutting; this provides stability. The J-hook design easily hangs off a pants pocket or wall hook making this tool easy to store or take with you.

We’ve also considered blade depth: these tools allow enough blade exposure to cut through single- and double-walled corrugated, but not enough to cut into the materials inside the box. Minimizing blade exposure helps keep you safe, and here it keeps the contents of your package from being destroyed before you’ve even had a chance to open the box.

Slice Scissors: Safe and Effective

All Slice safety scissors feature our proprietary safety blade. Our scissors are tough enough to cut through Kevlar-reinforced fabric and will do the job on paper, card stock, mylar, and many more industrial materials.

The Slice 10544 Small Scissors, with two smaller finger holes are perfect for smaller hands or tighter spaces. We make the 10546 Pointed-Tip Scissors, which have slightly larger finger holes, for jobs where you need to make a puncture in your material. And our 10545 Large Scissors, which allow for a one-thumb, four-finger grip, offer excellent leverage and cutting strength and fit larger hands.

Slice Safety Replacement Blades

We ship our Slice replacement-blade tools with our safest blade: the rounded-tip, straight-edge blade. This blade is so safe, you don’t need a sharps box for disposal. It’s effective for most tasks.

Every Slice replacement-blade tool is also compatible with a pointed-tip blade, which is made for tasks that require you to make a puncture to start your cut. And, as mentioned, you can also get serrated replacement blades for the Slice metal-handle utility knives and the industrial knives. This relieves you from buying and carrying two separate tools if you have some tasks that require a straight blade and others that require a sawing motion. And with tool-free blade change, switching between blade styles is easy.

Safer Cutting With Slice: Reduce Lacerations, Reduce Stress

Using most cutting tools is stressful because they pose a real threat of lacerations. The unfortunate truth is that lacerations are common workplace injuries, so it’s reasonable to be concerned about getting hurt.

Slice safety tools greatly reduce, and in many reported cases eliminate, lacerations. They also help reduce repetitive strain injuries. Increased safety is always a stress reliever in the OHS world.

TJ Scimone is the founder and owner of Slice, Inc., innovative maker of safer cutting tools since 2008. Slice tools are ergonomic and feature patent-pending finger-friendly® blades. Slice has a full and growing line of cutting tools to fit many needs.