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New Lab Coat Revolutionizes Safety

All-in-one flame resistance, chemical-splash protection and comfort
By Mark Saner, FR Technical Manager, Workrite Uniform Company
| Canadian Occupational Safety

Fire, explosions and chemical-related injuries are some of the most common hazards present in laboratory environments — and many laboratory personnel face all of these hazards at once.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) can go a long way toward preventing serious injuries and even death, but it’s only effective if it is worn consistently and correctly. Until now, simultaneous protection against thermal hazards and chemical splash meant wearing both a flame-resistant (FR) lab coat and a stiff, uncomfortable protective apron that typically doesn’t breathe well and may restrict movement. Plus, discomfort aside, putting on two layers of protection can be difficult to remember to do. Nobody wants to wear PPE like that — and they shouldn’t have to.


In collaboration with the University of California and industry-leading fabric manufacturers, Workrite Uniform Company has developed a solution that is changing the game in laboratory safety — the Workrite FR/CP Lab Coat, a single, comfortable garment that is FR and also provides chemical-splash protection (CP). UL certified to NFPA 2112 and available in styles for both men and women, these lab coats also feature:

• Splash-resistant pass-throughs for convenient access to inner clothing

• FR knit cuffs, which have been proven to be safer than standard open-cuff designs

• Three pockets for convenient storage

• Concealed snap front and neck closures

• Black lay-down collars to make them easily recognizable as CP lab coats

The first of its kind, the Workrite FR/CP Lab Coat not only provides multi-hazard protection, but is also lightweight and breathable.


Workrite FR/CP lab coats bring together the latest innovations in safety and comfort, combining the trusted FR protection of Nomex® IIIA fabric with the proprietary chemical-splash protection technology of Westex ShieldCXP™.

Why Nomex IIIA?

More than any other fabric, Nomex IIIA is well-suited for the laboratory environment. It offers excellent flash-fire protection, as well as the ability to resist degradation when exposed to many acids, corrosives, oxidizers and reducers. In addition to exceptional durability, Nomex IIIA provides top-notch breathability and is light weight for added comfort. Best of all,
the fabric is inherently flame-resistant, so its FR protection cannot be washed or worn away.

Why Westex ShieldCXP?

When working with chemicals, inadvertent splashes are a common occurrence. Westex ShieldCXP is designed to shed small amounts of liquid chemicals when they are dropped or splashed on the fabric. It also helps prevent chemicals from wicking through the fabric onto the wearer, reducing the potential for chemical burns. Westex ShieldCXP’s chemical-splash protection has proven to last through multiple industrial launderings.

With the Workrite FR/CP Lab Coat, your days of having to sacrifice comfort and practicality for the sake of proper protection are gone. Welcome to a new generation in laboratory safety.

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Workrite Uniform Company is a business-to-business (B2B) affiliate of Williamson-Dickie (“Dickies”), a global workwear brand. Founded in 1973, Workrite Uniform has delivered high-quality flame-resistant (FR) workwear for more than 40 years. It is also the leading supplier of FR station wear for fire service. An ISO 9001:2008-certified company, Workrite Uniform is solely focused on the development and manufacturing of FR clothing for industries throughout North America. Today, Workrite Uniform offers four top-quality FR brands, Workrite® FR, Workrite® FR Fire Service, Dickies® FR and Walls® FR, in the B2B market. For more information on Workrite Uniform, visit