Sep 3, 2010

Keeping up with changes to professional competencies

By Alan D. Quilley, CRSP

The BCRSP recently revised the Examination Blueprint and the new version has been posted to the Examinations section of the board's website ( This document will be used by the Certification and Examination Committee when it drafts the 2011 examinations.??

Revised Blueprint for Examination
The revised CRSP Examination Blueprint was based on data collected from the 2010 Survey on the Competencies Required of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals.??Following are changes to the domains (bracketed numbers are from 2005). For this article, I have rearranged the domains into the order of importance based on the percentage given to the domains in the CRSP Examination Blueprint: (CRSPEX).

Safety Techniques and Technology

18-22% (20­-24%)

Occupational Hygiene

12-16% (13-17%)

OHS&E Management Systems

12-16% (14-18%)

Law and Ethics

10-14% (10-14%)

HSE Auditing

6-10% (5-7%)

Fire Prevention and Protection

6-10% (7-11%)

Health and Wellness (formerly Health Promotion*)

5-7% (3-5%)


4-8% (4-8%)

Risk Management  

4-8% (2-4%)

Environmental Practices   

3-5% (2-4%)

Accident Theory

2-4% (3-5%)

*The Health Promotion study guide has been renamed Health and Wellness.