Industrial escape hood

November 19, 2014
Industrial escape hood
Dräger’s new PARAT 4900 Industrial Escape Hoods can be used by workers to protect them from toxic industrial and fire-related gases, vapours and particles. The hoods now have NIOSH approval for protection against 12 gases. The hood is exceptionally intuitive and easy to use, the manufacturer says. The escape hood was developed with feedback from users and always with the goal of offering the fastest escape possible. The hood has optimized operation and wearing comfort and a strong housing. These features together with the multigas/R95 filter guarantee that the wearer is protected from toxic industrial substances for at least 15 minutes. The hood has a viewing window to check filter expiration date and the condition of the device. Ergonomics and comfort were considered when designing the hood. It can be carried with a belt, shoulder strap, grip clip or belt clip.

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