Ebola protection

November 24, 2014
Ebola protection
More than 500 front-line health-care workers have contracted Ebola since the epidemic began in Dec. of 2013, and 269 have died, according to World Health Organization statistics compiled through the end of October. In addition, some of the nation’s top infectious disease experts believe that the deadly virus could mutate and be transmitted by just a cough or sneeze. These factors have created unprecedented demand for protective garments using APTRA, a breathable microporous plastic film that resists both contact, droplet and airborne transmission of pathogens, according to the manufacturer. APTRA film is a barrier to blood and body fluids that contain viruses or pathogens based on the ASTM F-1671 test method, and blood resistance to the ASTM F-1670 test method. APTRA also offers a green advantage. It is 100 per cent non-poisonous, so if it is incinerated after use, the only outputs are carbon and water. In cases where it is used in a non-contaminated environment, it is also 100 per cent recyclable.


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