10-minute mould

February 16, 2016
10-minute mould
Radians’ permanent custom moulded earplugs come in a do-it-yourself kit that moulds in 10 minutes to the shape of the ear canal. The user simply opens the containers and separates the coloured and white materials into halves. Then he mixes one of the coloured halves with one of the white halves until they are one consistent colour. Lastly, the worker gently presses the material into one ear by pushing in the centre of the silicone. This sits in the ear for 10 minutes then the plug is removed. With a 26 dB NRR, Radians’ custom moulded earplugs are safe, non-toxic, long lasting and washable — and made in the United States. They come in a variety of colours (tan, blue, red, orange and pink) and packaging includes poly bags, retail box and 32 count mixed jar for heavier use. Accessories, such as a hard carrying case and lanyards with self-tapping screws, are also available.


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