Keeping it cool

September 11, 2008
Gateway Safety’s Serpent Ventilated Safety Helmet is ideal for workers working under hot weather conditions. The helmet features the CoolSense airflow system that lets heat escape to keep workers cooler. A soft cushioned brow pad helps absorb moisture and perspiration. The Serpent has a snakehead shell design to entice workers to wear the helmet, Gateway says. The helmet also features highly durable but lightweight high-density polyethylene material, weighing in at just 13.1 ounces. The soft, six-point nylon suspension provides comfort and impact absorption. Serpent is available with a pin-lock or ratchet suspension, which adjusts to fit 6-5/8 to 8¼ head sizes. A rain trough helps divert water from workers’ faces. The Serpent complies with the ANSI 89.1 Standard for Type I, Class C helmets only, the company says.

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