Discover the latest head protection products.
  • MSA Super-V hard hats

    MSA Super-V hard hats

    MSA is excited to announce the new and improved Super-V Type II...
    Comfort zone

    Comfort zone

    Honeywell has launched the North Zone hard hat, featuring patented suspension...
  • Elevated temperature hard hat

    Elevated temperature hard hat

    The Elevated Temperature Hard Hat H-700T Series from 3M features a new design and materials that...
    Microfibre cooling

    Microfibre cooling

    Ergodyne announced the addition of four new products to the Chill-Its Microfiber Evaporative...
  • Classic ?hard hat

    Classic ?hard hat

    Bullard’s Classic Hard Hat is all about comfort, without sacrificing safety. It provides enhanced...
    Hard hat brim

    Hard hat brim

    BrimGuard has launched a new hi-vis product line designed for heightened reflectivity and reduced...
  • Large view welding helmet

    Large view welding helmet

    Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has released the Digital Infinity Series welding helmets that now feature...
    Back-of-head coverage

    Back-of-head coverage

    Honeywell has announced a hard hat with 24 per cent more back-of-head coverage than standard Type...

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