July 4, 2016
The Showa 4552 is a biodegradable, synthetic work glove. The multi-purpose glove offers hand protection, powerful grip and biodegradability, without sacrificing performance. The Showa 4552 uses the company’s unique eco best technology (EBT) within both the 15-gauge, seamless lightweight liner and the sponge-nitrile coating. Without the EBT additive, nitrile can take decades, if not hundreds of years to biodegrade and break down in landfill, whereas the biodegradation rate of the Showa 4552 is typically within 24 months. The EBT organic additive is designed to make the glove attractive to microbial activity in landfill. Upon consumption of the EBT formulation, micro-organisms excrete enzymes that depolymerize the nitrile and polyester liner. The result is biogases and nitrous soil. The grip glove protects hands from oils, dirt, grease and abrasion when carrying out manufacturing assembly work, machine servicing, refuse collection, warehousing and logistics. The nitrile-coated palm provides excellent grip in all conditions and the glove retains its grip in oily conditions, according to the manufacturer. Showa 4552 gloves are very durable with certification to EN 388: level 4.

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