iQ Series FR

April 28, 2014
iQ Series FR
Bulwark and Milliken & Company have partnered to develop new flame resistant apparel, the Bulwark iQ Series. Bulwark’s customer knowledge, job-related insights and garment design expertise combined with Milliken’s fabric innovation, led to the creation of Bulwark iQ series, designed to meet the needs of workers in the electric utility, oil and gas, emerging energy and NFPA 70E (manufacturing) industries. Breaking the comfort barrier in FR fabrics required the inclusion of fibres typically found in performance garments, including polyester. Milliken scientists found a way to protect the polyester yarn from melting, which allows for more comfort and productivity while providing protection from electric arc and flash fires. The fabric boasts breathability, moisture wicking, light weight and superior comfort, say the manufacturers. It also provides strength and abrasion resistance, enhanced moisture management, less wash and thermal shrinkage, and better colour consistency. 


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