Arc defense

March 3, 2015
Arc defense
Magid has introduced three new products that provide arc-rated (AR) and flame-resistant (FR) protection. The Magid AR Defense relaxed-fit base layer shirts and balaclava address a need for arc-rated protection following revised National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards for workplace safety. AR Defense base layer products are made of unique blends of inherently flame resistant fibers that rovide extreme comfort and moisture wicking properties to keep workers protected and dry; help employers and workers comply with NFPA 70E standards; contribute to a higher total system arc rating with fewer layers and less weight; and are manufactured in the United States. Currently, the Magid AR Defense clothing assortment includes:
•4.5 oz. jersey knit shirt with an ATPV/arc-rating of 4.9 cal/cm2
•6.5 oz. interlock knit shirt with an ATPV/arc-rating of 8.2 cal/cm2
•6.5 oz. interlock knit with an ATPV/arc-rating of 8.2 cal/cm2.

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