Slipp-R overshoe

March 31, 2015
Slipp-R overshoe
Safetytoes International offers the Slipp-R safety overshoe, a purpose-designed overshoe made of a durable rubber and offering many safety features that go beyond basic toe protection. The durable overshoe is electric shock resistant to 14,000 volts, thermal resistant up to 150 C and will not harden, stiffen or crack even if used in the coldest weather or climate. The overshoes are made of a unique rubber material that is specially made to improve the protection they offer the wearer. The design of the Slipp-R overshoes also works to improve their slip resistance. Slipp-Rs are 100 per cent waterproof shoes and are also resistant to acid, oil and animal fat. They are SATRA tested, CSA and CE approved and offer toe protection to 200 joules, double the minimum international standard required for toe protection. Slipp-Rs are an attractive, durable and cost-effective solution to workers’ slip-related injuries, says the manufacturer.

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