No-slip heels

March 21, 2013
No-slip heels
Devisys Heel Stop’s North American distributor Geroline Inc. says this product “fills a critical void” in the market because of its many beneficial features that do not currently exist in available anti-slip products. The Intrinsic Devisys Heel Stop is easy to put on and take off and covers the most important part of the foot — the heel. The heel is where the most dangerous slips and falls originate, Geroline said. The Intrinsic Devisys Heel Stop also offers convenience for the user as it does not have to be taken off when either driving or climbing ladders. The product is made of industrial quality TR Rubber compound that remains flexible even in extreme cold temperatures, and long-lasting tungsten carbide studs for spark resistance, the company said. This product comes in small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large sizes. Extension straps are available for those with larger feet.

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